Factors That Lead To Poor Heating Efficiency

Factors That Lead To Poor Heating Efficiency

Have you ever turned your heater on, only to hear odd noises, notice a bad smell, and restricted airflow? All these factors indicate poor heating efficiency of your heating system. It is expensive to pay for high heating charges every month when the HVAC system does not function properly. It therefore becomes vital to know the reasons behind poor efficiency.

What Leads to Poor Heating Efficiency?

Curated with thorough research, here are the top causes that lead to inefficient heating systems:

Broken Ductwork

Holes and cracks in air ducts allow the air to leak out. It is optimal to get the ductwork examined for leaks, and ruptures, by a professional. We provide optimal services for heating and furnace repair in Livermore, CA.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter leads to improper functioning of the HVAC system. When the filter is clogged or blocked due to dust, the heating systems will exert more effort to force the air through it. It results in higher energy consumption paving the way to higher bills.

Leaky Insulation

Your system doesn’t need to be at fault for the inefficiency. It can be because of the whole heating unit. Poor insulation hinders you from cultivating all the benefits your efficient heating systems offer. It is better to inspect your insulation every once in a while.

Outdated Units

Furnaces and heat pumps generally last for 15-20 years and 10-15 years when well-maintained. If your heating system has reached its prime age, it can result in inefficient performance.


Living comfortably at home does not mean high monthly bills for heating services. Heating systems frequently come in use when the temperature drops to a certain threshold.

If the condition goes out of hand, Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., is always here to aid you with its heating services in Livermore, CA. You can contact us at 925-855-1560 or send us an email for any residential, commercial, or new construction HVAC technical issues and get a response from our specialists instantly.

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