Make Sure You Keep These Heating Tips in Mind

Make Sure You Keep These Heating Tips in Mind

Winters are right around the corner. The preparation for the frosty days ahead starts with prepping up your heating system – your accomplice throughout the season! A few tricks and tips for your heating unit’s maintenance will go a long way in making your winters comfortable and memorable, just like you wished!

The heating system is a complicated piece of machinery. Like any other equipment, it requires proper inspection by a certified HVAC technician before you decide to bounce it back into action. A heating contractor would deep clean your unit, check for gas leaks, and inspect your HVAC repair Livermore CA.

However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure the efficiency of your heating unit. These tips may sound simple but can make a significant impact on keeping your system functional.

Replace Your Filter

If you cannot recall the last time you replaced your filter, it’s probably time that you consider it. Experts suggest replacing the air filters at least once in three months. In case you have a pet at home, change it after every two months.

A clogged filter restricts the airflow, increasing strain on your heating unit. Further, it damages the indoor air quality. A clean system heats your house faster and consumes less energy to improve the efficacy and comfort level significantly.

Opt for Thermostat Upgrade

If you sense that your heater performance is not optimal despite maintenance service, you should consider upgrading your thermostat, especially if it is old. Not only for a better calibration with the heater, but homeowners are also opting for a thermostat upgrade to reduce their energy bills and better control their indoor environment.

Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are gradually gaining popularity because they let you control your HVAC unit regardless of your location. They help in tracking energy usage and heating patterns. When you need furnace repair Livermore CA. Contact Air Masters Heating & Air Conditioning.

So the tables have turned! Earlier, people used to work around needs according to the system, but now these systems are designed to work around your needs.

Schedule Maintenance

Scheduling preventive heating maintenance is the best way to resolve all your heating-related problems at once. It’s a complete package that includes deep cleaning of your system, an inspection of heating components, lubrication of moving parts, cleaning replacing filters, and much more.

Maintenance also goes a long way in preventing expensive repairs and premature breakdown of your furnace. You can always opt for yearly heating maintenance plans if scheduling is a hassle. Annual maintenance preserves the manufacturer’s warranty on your heating unit and keeps the system efficient throughout the year.

Sounds like too much to handle? Give us a call and let experts take it for you. Dial (925) 855-1560 to request a service estimate. At Air Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, our HVAC technicians will provide you with the best heating services Livermore CA. Every chance to serve you is our opportunity to earn a five-star rating!

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