Trusted Furnace Repair in Livermore, CA

Trusted Furnace Repair in Livermore, CA

Furnace loses efficiency over time, especially when it is close to its retirement age. The average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years. If your furnace is making funny noises, not producing enough heat, or running in a constant cycle, you need to call a experts for furnace repair Livermore CA.

Whenever you sense a problem with your furnace, it is wiser to be swift in seeking help. There is a risk of a gas leak, mostly if you have skipped annual furnace maintenance. Neglected furnaces are prone to explosion because they use fuel like natural gas and oil.

Air Masters Heating & Air Conditioning have 14 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. Our equipped HVAC technicians can handle any heating requirement. No job is too big or too small for us.

Signs Your Furnace Needs A Repair

Trusted Furnace Repair in Livermore, CA

With the onset of winters, your furnace will experience tremendous strain, which can result in overheating. Therefore, never ignore these signs and contact your local HVAC contractor to prevent the repair from turning into a costly replacement.

Unit Does Not Start

If you are having trouble turning on your heating unit or it requires multiple efforts to start, it signals a furnace problem.  The reason can be damaged wiring, a problem with the condensate fan, or a faulty thermostat. Only a certified HVAC technician will be able to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Do not try to resolve the problem yourself as it requires dealing with high voltage and chemicals.

Unusual Pilot Light

The pilot light is supposed to be blue. If it appears yellow, it highlights the ventilation problem — the color changes when carbon monoxide does not dissipate as required. You need to immediately fix this problem since it can result in the family’s health issues due to this poisonous and odorless gas. Our HVAC technicians understand this urgency and provide services as soon as possible.

Strange Noise & Smell from Furnace

When an internal component becomes loose, your furnace starts making a clanking noise. If it is a popping sound, it points towards a dirty burner. Similarly, the strange smell, like rotten eggs, can indicate a gas leak. Shut down the gas furnace and call HVAC repair Livermore CA.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to handling expensive equipment like your heating unit, you should trust licensed HVAC contractors. The company should be stable, and technicians should be certified. Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning Inc make the hunt easier with transparent and honest policies.

  • Licensed HVAC company
  • In service since 2006
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Upfront Pricing
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction

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Are you a resident of Livermore and looking for a trusted HVAC contractor in the region? Well, Air Masters Heating & Air Conditioning will offer you first-grade heater services Livermore CA. Call (925) 855-1560 to request a service estimate. Allow us to be a part of your winter preparations!

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