What to Do If Your Furnace Stops Working?

What to Do If Your Furnace Stops Working?

During the peak of the winter season, furnaces are the most commonly used systems. The furnace may, however, stop working suddenly if overlooked or unrepaired. Contact Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning Inc for regular heating services in Livermore, CA. We will ensure that your heating system is ensured to work perfectly for the entire winter season.

Expert technicians can tell you what to do when your furnace stops working in extreme weather conditions. If you follow these tips, you can restart your furnace system in no time. Try these DIY tips before contacting us for furnace repair in Livermore, CA.

Here are a Few Things You Should Check if Your Heating System is not Working

• Examine the Furnace Air Filter

An essential component of HVAC systems is an air filter. In addition to improving airflow, they also help in reducing noise. Dust and dirt accumulate on the air filter and block airflow through the system and the outer environment.

You may have a dirty furnace air filter blocking warm air from reaching your room, decreasing the room’s temperature. In this case, it is recommended that you purchase a high-tech filter from an HVAC store near you.

Our technician performing furnace repair company in Livermore, CA, can help you if your air filter is dirty and challenging to clean.

• Is Your Thermostat Connected to the Furnace System?

Controlling the furnace system is made easier with the thermostat. Suppose you lose the connection between the two; how will your furnace system function?

Before you call a professional for heating services in Livermore, CA, checking the thermostat is a good idea. It is usually drained batteries that cause the thermostat to stop working, so try replacing them. The thermostat can be removed to check for damaged wires.

Before pulling the thermostat out, ensure the system has been turned off. Any problems with the electrical board or connections should be reported to our heater service in Livermore, CA.

• Faulty Air Duct Vents

Sometimes, hot air seeps through a tiny opening instead of warming the space. Even though you might think the furnace isn’t operating, it is functioning well. In this instance, the air is escaping through the faulty ductwork.

Vents may deteriorate with time, and the duct network may not be enough. If leaks can be identified, stop them right away. Contact our professional for an urgent heater service technician in Livermore, CA.

• Reduced Refrigerant Levels

Make sure the refrigerant levels in your home’s heat pump are sufficient. Without a proper refrigerant level, the heating unit will not work correctly. A damaged blower capacitor may occasionally be to blame for the furnace’s malfunction. Request a professional furnace repair company in Livermore, CA.

• Inspect the Air Ducts

Sometimes, the air vents get covered by the furniture during household cleaning. Ensure you check whether anything is blocking the air vents from delivering warm air to your room.

You can even check the duct system for any irregularity. Call our heater service expert in Livermore, CA, for a quick check and repair of the issue you found during the visual inspection.

• Is Your Furnace Even Functioning?

If you tried all of the above methods to start your furnace did not work, check the furnace system in your attic. Maybe the furnace system isn’t working, and the air isn’t being processed. You might not be able to hear the processing noise if the power switch is not on. You should examine the fuse box and check for signs of tripped circuit breakers.


If there is a significant fault like a motor blower issue or a capacitor issue, contact Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning Inc for heating services in Livermore, CA. Our licensed technicians are here for you! Call (925) 855-1560 or mail us, and our certified specialists will be there as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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