Why Heater Repair?

Why Heater Repair?

To survive the harsh Livermore winters, you need a heater that functions to its optimum capacity. A faulty heater that does not produce enough heat can give you a lot of trouble during the chilly winter months.

Before getting into the subject of heater repair in Livermore, CA, let us first look at some of the benefits of proper repair and maintenance.

What Do You Gain By The Timely Repair Of Your Heater?

  • Energy Saving: The accumulation of dirt and debris inside your heater will prevent its efficient functioning, and the system will consequently consume more energy. However, regular repair of the heater, which includes a thorough cleaning of its components, will ensure its proper working condition. This will, in turn, save energy.
  • Enhancement of Air Quality: Typically, a heater remains unused during the summer months. As a result, dust can get caught in the air filters, which can seriously impair air quality. This can be avoided by getting the air filters cleaned by a technician before the onset of winters.
  • Increased Longevity: Timely and frequent repair of the heating system has a direct relationship with its long life. If all the heater components are running smoothly, it will automatically guarantee the longevity of the appliance.
  • Ensures Safety: A heater that hasn’t been repaired for a long time can emit harmful gases like carbon monoxide, which is detrimental to human health. However, a well-maintained heater only emits minor amounts of gas which is not potentially harmful.

When Do You Need Heater Repair?

Some hard-to-miss signs can show up when your heater needs a repair. Some of them are:

  • Unreasonably High Electricity Bills: When your heater is out of order, it might cause your power bills to skyrocket. With time, there is a significant reduction in the efficiency of a heater. Therefore, it is natural for the heater to take more time to warm your home. Call a professional if the hike in your power bills cannot be explained
  • Weird Noises: Weird noises in the heater can be on account of it being an old appliance. Various strange sounds emitted by the heater can be signs of malfunctioning of its different components. A squealing sound can be heard if the motor bearings are faulty. Rattling indicates that the blower assembly or motor needs to be examined. All these strange noises are a cause of concern, and a technician should be called immediately to resolve the issue.
  • Short Cycling: If your heater turns erratically on and off, it is said to be short cycling. It can be caused by the overheating of the heat exchanger. Due to overheating, the heating unit shuts down before turning on again after the exchanger cools down. It is advised to call a technician if you encounter short cycling.

Other than the above obvious signs of heater malfunctioning, other signs like the depleted quality of air, yellow pilot light, the need for too many replacements, uneven temperatures, cold spots, etc., shouldn’t be ignored as well. All of them warrant a visit from a technician.

What Should You Check Before Getting Your Heater Repaired?

There are some things you should check before calling a service technician. They are as follows:    

  • Thermostat: A change in the thermostat settings can cause the heater not to work properly.
  • Air Filter: Ensure that the air filters are not congested. Clogged air filters lead to a heater’s impairment.
  • Pilot Light: The pilot light shouldn’t be out.
  • Circuit Breaker: Examine the circuit breaker. If it is tripped, try to reset it.

If all the above parts of your heater are fine, then you should go ahead and call a technician. 

Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning Inc is a trustworthy service company for heater repair in Livermore, CA. We provide quick and efficient service for residential homes as well as commercial complexes. Our technicians are well trained and promise to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

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